Great news! We just launched our new Wretched website.

Our new site has RSS feeds for following our content, so we will no longer be updating this site.

Check out our new mobile friendly site with these new features:

  • “Wretched on Demand.” Get Wretched TV episodes on DVD & Flash Drives.
  • HD quality available on all our new episodes for members.
  • Share Wretched content easily on social media.
  • New live stream system that works on mobile devices.
  • RSS feeds for following our posts.

Celebrate with us!  Take 10% off any order.

Just enter code “wowza” at checkout through August 31.

Check out the new website today!


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7 Responses to Great news! We just launched our new Wretched website.

  1. jrob17 says:

    Does this mean no more podcasts????? Sad, because I love them and listen daily

  2. We still have podcasts! We just added feeds for all our posts too!

    • jrob17 says:

      I guess my question then is when will the iTunes (iOS) podcast feed gonna come back, or is it?

    • Colleen says:

      Podcasts not working in iTunes. I can now get the Segment of the Day by adding the feed but not the complete program. My last downloaded episode was August 25th.

  3. Kevin says:

    Same here, podcast feed appears broken (using Podcruncher on iPhone)

  4. Gerhard says:

    I am also experiencing problems with the podcasts on Android using BeyondPod.

  5. Darren says:

    What’s happened to the iTunes podcast? No downloads since 25th August. What am I paying for then? Can we please get an answer to this.
    Thank you.

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