John MacArthur: what should you do if YOU get persecuted?

Episode 1622

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5 Responses to John MacArthur: what should you do if YOU get persecuted?

  1. Truth2Freedom says:

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  2. Deaf says:

    Dear Todd,

    Please add captions for Deaf Christians. They cannot listen to the audio because they are profoundly Deaf, and several of them have been asking what you are saying, as it is an interesting topic that affects them, too. Deaf Christians have been wanting access to what you are saying for a really long time, Todd Friel, please add captions! 🙂

  3. Mario Benoit says:

    I am glad to here you quote my Catholic brother St John Chrysostom born in the year 347 . When we are persecuted we need to offer up our sufferings for our persecutors just like Jesus and St. Steven. We become a living Eucharist. Just like Jesus gives himself to us in love every Sunday at Mass. I am glad that you are getting everyone ready. You are right if we don’t prepare we won’t know what to do. We do need to come together as Christians and encourage each other. Read your Christian history of the persecuted church. See how they did it and what they believed. God bless your efforts.

  4. Mario Benoit says:

    “They will know we are Christianst by our love”

  5. My life are so bless and so thankful I am ,but sometime we have all troubles in life for those resistance forces who are against us and our salvation in Jesus blood and we are fighting hard sometime to keep us in Christ in pure and vicotrious and the lord is helping us in his love and care with the angels to be with us in Jesus blood sake,thanks and bless and pray,keijo sweden

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