The cure for Transgenderism and Transsexualism.

Episode 1590

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5 Responses to The cure for Transgenderism and Transsexualism.

  1. Truth2Freedom says:

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  2. Lisa mootz says:

    Thank you for your timelyvmessages. Our world is a mess.

  3. Crys says:

    YOU people are what is wrong with the world today! Doesn’t your GOD teach understanding and to not judge? Judge what you don’t know or can’t understand. That doesn’t make you right. So take a seat and stop being judgmental asshats! Thanks 😉

  4. Nick says:

    @ “Crys. I like to start by saying that your first statement which starts “YOU people . . . is based on your misunderstanding of the One True God; the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob- the God of the Bible. You ask if “your GOD” teaches understanding and to not judge. But you arent really looking for an answer, because you think you have the answer.
    The God of the Bible certainly teaches us to understand, and to grow in our understanding . . . of Him and His plan of Salvation. He nowhere states that He wants us to understand other people, and certainly not in order to accept their sin.
    Also, God not only does’nt teach us (Christians) not to judge, he tells us that we must judge. If we do not judge we can not make any dicisions- in life! Every day we all judge. We judge ourselves. We judge others. We judge situations. The Bible says that Christians are to judge (make knowledgable insight) about another’s sin. We are to lovingly tell them about their sin,(we wouldn’t know if it was sin unless we correctly judged), but we are to be careful that we first are not in sin ourselves.
    What we judge is to be Biblically discerned (judged). Therefore, When we say something is wrong, we are not speaking about what we are choosing to be wrong because we have some dislike of something or someone’s lifestyle. We are stating what our Creator, our moral law giver, clearly states is wrong, or against His holy standard. Therefore, you are right. It does not make us right, but it is making clear God’s righteousness. God is right.
    I certainly will not take the advice of your last statement. My God exhorts me to stand up, and to speak out about the GOOD NEWS of HIS LOVE and SALVATION through Jesus Christ!

  5. mark says:

    Pure example of demon possession, trust in Jesus his word I’d ture

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