Three types of homosexuals???

Episode 1551

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7 Responses to Three types of homosexuals???

  1. jasonjshaw says:

    I’m not sure what these “enemies” of the church are saying, but it seems to me that there is missing context in the Bible in regard to homosexual relationships, with the Biblical focus being on ritualistic homosexuality. There is also a lack of understanding of the gender range between a defined male and female. God (assuming the Bible is His word) neglected to share that gender isn’t a perfect binary.

    • stegee says:

      The “enemies” within the church are saying pretty much the same as you Jason that God in his infinite wisdom didn’t know about homosexual and transgender folks or “didn’t provide the context” so they feel we must shoehorn in and accept homosexuality and transgenderism as a Godly approved creation when it is simply not the case.
      God spoke clearly on both issues there are around 36 verses that deal with homosexuality, the affirmation of gender, the nature of true marriage etc.

      Truth bluntly stated is that homosexuality is wrong in ANY context as is transgenderism.

      • jasonjshaw says:

        You seem to be ignoring some of what is known about the issue of gender. There are those who are born with genitalia of both genders. If you look beyond our species, some animals can change genders, some can procreate on their own … gender is not strictly male/female. Hormones come into play in dealing with gender. People have different levels of the hormones that correspond with what we understand as gender. Male fish have been known to become female due to hormones from birth control pills ending up in waterways near a city.

        Also, omission of context in the Bible shouldn’t suggest that conclusions be jumped to.

        One should also consider the cultural context of the Bible, much in the way cultural context is taken into account in legitimizing the Old Testament in reference to the New Testament. It was all written by man, and man is fallible … and God changes His mind on issues, according to the Bible.

  2. Truth2Freedom says:

    Reblogged this on Truth2Freedom's Blog.

  3. Todd calling people who differ theologically “enemies” instead of “brothers”. Typical hate speech nonsense. Thank God Todd has it all figured out. Still waiting to come on the show and debate.

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  5. Matt says:

    Todd dresses like a raging homo 🙂 His anger is hiding something. I think he likes it in the pooper!

    He did a radio/tv series on me years ago.. Took sound bites from many sermons and cut them as one piece to make me sound “un-biblical” But it’s Todd’s way or the highway 🙂

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