Why modern art stinks.

Episode 1537

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5 Responses to Why modern art stinks.

  1. Truth2Freedom says:

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  2. sage_brush says:

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    Not only art, but music, literature, poetry, and even architecture. And it is not too far a stretch, to connect this horrible travesty, with not only Darwin, but also the Horcott/West “new” Greek text – which ushered in the age of textual criticism and “higher thought.” No longer are artistic endeavors produced to the glory of God, as in the case of Bach – but to the glory of man. Not a pretty picture!

  3. AScottC says:

    Wassily Kandinsky: “Yesterday’s dis-harmonies become today’s harmonies.”

  4. jimfinn2000 says:

    I think it all stems from no final authority. Instead each one is their own authority. Seems the Bible nailed it thousands of years ago.

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