Is this what Creation looked like?

Episode 1520

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4 Responses to Is this what Creation looked like?

  1. Truth2Freedom says:

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  2. jasonjshaw says:

    I’m sorry, “teach the truth of creation”??? If you feel the need to have to emphasize that something is the truth like that, it’s probably not the truth. This is why you are quite unlikely to hear anyone say “teach the truth of evolution” – because the truth speaks for itself when it is understood.

    • millerfred says:

      Uhh…no. The “truth” of evolution is a twist. Bait and switch. It takes variation within species and makes it out to be pond-scum-to-man-evolution. The Genesis project will undo some falsehoods taught (by schools everywhere) about so called “evolution truth”.

      Secondly, I could say, “if we need to teach that Abe Lincoln freed the slaves; it’s probably not true”. You’d call me a nut and you would be right.

      • jasonjshaw says:

        Evolution is based on connecting evidence. As more is researched about it, more understanding about how it occurs is being found. Not sure how that’s a bait and switch.

        Now, why evolution occurs, why life can develop, that is something that is beyond human comprehension at this point. That can be reasonably debated. Could very well be the result of a higher power, for all we know.

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