The gruesome details of a death with “dignity.”

Episode 1504

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6 Responses to The gruesome details of a death with “dignity.”

  1. Truth2Freedom says:

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  2. Ted Luoma says:

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    A sick child who is not terminally ill is permitted to starve to death in the UK and the mother who perpetrated this crime against her own child is considered “compassionate?” We live in a culture of death where life is meaningless and death is dignified? There is no dignity in death. Ever. Death stalks us all and we can muddy the waters with euphemisms, but that doesn’t make death dignified. How long before these “brave” and “compassionate” champions of “death with dignity” legislate the value of someone’s quality of life? Who will be rendered obsolete tomorrow?

  3. jasonjshaw says:

    Is this story legit, and who are the people that are supporting it?

    • jasonjshaw says:

      After looking it up, I’m still unsure of the reliability of this news. Surprisingly, no major media outlets jumped on what would have been a huge news story if it was true.

      It is unfortunate that some Christians use extreme (and questionable) examples like this to cause similar harm to people who could choose a less torturous death than what they are about to experience.

  4. I certainly don’t believe in the taking of life for any reason but this story leaves me wondering if you really looked up what happens when food & water are withdrawn. My husband who had alzheimers forgot how to swallow as oft happens and I refused to let a stomach tube be inserted as a means to keep him alive artificially. But the point is he didn’t suffer a painful death because of it. Read this

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