What more does God need to do?

Episode 1505

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5 Responses to What more does God need to do?

  1. jasonjshaw says:

    Well, if Jesus was God, wouldn’t it have been more effective for Him to write a section or two of the New Testament Himself rather than leave it to fallible men to do it? It would certainly be a lot more believable, especially knowing that we would come to disprove the great flood, the Earth not being centre of the universe, and the length of time the universe has existed.

    You’d think God would have got some of those right in the Bible!

  2. Tony Jiang says:

    yes thats why we believe its wrong to kill people because of their religon (not in the bible) slavery ( okay according to the bible) or treat women well (not in the bible, women are worth less silver pieces then men)

  3. abacoian says:

    Thank you for this video. I’m thankful for what you do. Please consider doing a video similar to this on why we can believe the Bible. People just say it’s a fairy tale and fiction and in their minds have proven that it’s false. I know it’s accurate and historical and proved over and over by prophecies and never once has ever been proven false, but you need to do a video on it!

    • Tony Jiang says:

      its not accurate nor historical the ancient chinese would like to know how they were able to survive the flood of noah and the egyptians too and the prophecies are too vague and can be easily read it to

  4. Truth2Freedom says:

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