What Judgment Day will be like.

The Biggest Question

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7 Responses to What Judgment Day will be like.

  1. Truth2Freedom says:

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  2. jasonjshaw says:

    Hell is no joke, yet God is great, awesome and holy? Such high praise for the one who allowed Hell to come into existence.

    • bystrika says:

      Hell was meant for the devil, not people. People choose to pay for sin on their own behalf, instead of letting Jesus take it.

      • jasonjshaw says:

        I’m not sure I understand your comment.

        If the Devil exists, he was allowed to exist by God too. If this is the case, either all-mighty God isn’t all-mighty, or He’s a bit of a jerk.

  3. JasonJShaw, Satan was originally the angel of light, the highest ranking servant in heaven, but in his pride in his position and glory he foolishly decided to take on God and attempt to elevate himself to be the Most High, and he convinced a number of angels to join him. Their instant of rebellion was their instant of defeat and they were cast out. Since then, knowing he can’t hurt of defeat God, and knowing that their final end is coming, he has, in his diabolical but impotent rage, dedicated himself to attempting to thwart God and to degrade and/or destroy the pinnacle of God’s creation – humans, made in God’s image – the only possible way he could imagine to try and hurt or get back at God.

    God allows us to CHOOSE to love and follow him or to turn away. You see, true love doesn’t force someone to love without choice. What real husband would want a wife who only loved because she was created to do so but not because she actually WANTED to? Same idea. However, Satan fooled the first Two, but unlike the angels (who are only His servants) God has made a way for US to be redeemed, which is not available to angels. He did this by predicting how and when He would enter His own world by taking on a human body in a miraculous way, then becoming the ultimate sacrifice to take the punishment for our sins on Himself, and finally raising His formerly dead body from the grave to prove He was who He said He was – “I AM,” the eternal, self-existent Creator.

    Then He has given multiple generations the opportunity to know Him and tell the world about Him, patiently giving us time we really don’t want or deserve, letting us try things our way, proving soundly what arrogant, impotent fools we are, parading as mini-gods as we destroy the world that was perfect to begin with, coming up with one failed human plan after another in a vain attempt to restore Paradise lost.

    But time is running out, and one day the world’s clock WILL reach midnight and we will all have to face Him and we WILL know, without question, that He IS GOD, and that we chose to be where He is not, and that He is just to let us make that decision.

    Sadly, unless we have chosen to be WITH Him by accepting His astonishing Gift, the only place He ISN’T is Hell, in the outer darkness, and that is the place He prepared for the Devil and his fallen angels, ultimately making it OUR decision to go there by default. In that place love, mercy, compassion, goodness, kindness, self-sacrifice, friendship, laughter, beauty, softness, color, music, water, and all pleasures we can think of that we enjoy, WILL NOT be, for He alone makes ALL good things, and the Devil only provides evil, rage, hatred, lies and corruption for he only kills, steals and destroys. As far as Satan as concerned, since he is going down, he is going to take as many with him as he can.

    We each can choose our destination. What is your choice?

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