Jesus Unmasked: Jesus is our Sabbath rest.

Episode 1456

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10 Responses to Jesus Unmasked: Jesus is our Sabbath rest.

  1. willjkinney says:

    Well, brother Todd, you may say the Bible is supernatural, but you don’t believe it is the infallible words of God, do you? Of course not. You are now promoting the new Vatican Versions like the ever changing ESVs, NIVs, NASBs, etc. that nobody (including you) really believes are the complete and infallible words of God.

    “All say the same thing about one Person”? Oh, really? Was the Son of God from everlasting or did he have origins from long ago, as some of your perverted versions teach in Micah 5:2

  2. willjkinney says:

    Or did this same Person of Jesus Christ lie in John 7:8-10 as several perverted “bibles” teach?

  3. Ryan P says:

    1599 Geneva?

    • willjkinney says:

      Hi Ryan. Not sure what you are asking when you say “1599 Geneva?”. The Geneva bible was pretty good and it followed the Reformation texts, but it was not the infallible Bible. It was the last stage in the purifying process. Here are some concrete examples of why it is not God’s infallible Book. God has put the Geneva bible on the shelf long ago.

      Deficiencies of the Geneva bible

  4. Ryan P says:

    Latin Vulgate?

    • willjkinney says:

      Again, Latin Vulgate? Which Latin Vulgate? They kept changing all the time. I have a section on the “Latin Vulgate” in my article about Rick Norris and his silly book The Unbound Scriptures. Actually, the Latin Vulgate was a whole lot closer to the truth than are todays new Vatican Versions like the ESV, NIV, NASB, NET, Holman stuff.

  5. Ryan P says:

    Learn Hebrew and Greek and read the “copies”?

    • willjkinney says:

      Hi Ryan. Again, “Learn Hebrew and Greek and read the copies?”

      WHICH Hebrew and WHICH Greek and WHICH copies? The fake bibles like the ESV, NIV, NASB etc. often reject the clear Hebrew readings and not even in the same places. And as for “the” Greek, there is no such animal as “the” Greek. There are at least 50 different printed Greek texts published, all of which differ from the others, and some differ from others by literally thousands of words.

      Only a true bible agnostic would say that in order to have God’s inerrant Book we need to learn Hebrew and Greek and read the copies. You still have NO complete and infallible Bible to believe in.

      See “The so called oldest and best manuscripts”

      • Ryan P says:

        What’s up with the quotation marks around the article “the”? Secondly, what’s the Gospel?

      • willjkinney says:

        Hi Ryan. Try to THINK about what I said instead of coming up with this silly question about “the”. The Fact is, you do not have ANY Bible in any language that you honestly believe IS the complete and inerrant words of God. You are just too dishonest to admit it.

        The gospel – Christ died for our sins, was buried and rose from the dead the 3rd day – is found in any bible version out there, no matter how corrupt it may be in other ways. But that is not the issue we are talking about. You comment about “Learn Greek and Hebrew” means absolutely nothing as far as identifying what the inerrant Bible is. All you have to do to prove me wrong is to simply SHOW US A COPY of this authoritative, complete and inerrant Bible you apparently want us to think you actually believe in. Will you do that for us, Ryan? Not gonna happen, is it.

        Most Christians like you and Todd Friel and James White and Sam Shamoun etc. are teaching and preaching out of a book that not even you yourselves believe is the infallible words of God. Pretty pathetic.

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