Is Ezekiel Bread Biblical?

Episode 1439

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3 Responses to Is Ezekiel Bread Biblical?

  1. mrsgardner says:

    I think Mr. Friel missed the point. As a Christian who loves Ezekiel breads, I do not eat it because I believe the LORD commanded it, nor do I know anyone else who does. That recipe, as I have always understood it, is only the template because the bread we eat today is garbage. It is packed with great amino acids because of the sprouts. This is was a stretch to assume we might think that God ordained us to eat like this. Maybe it was a slow day at work for Wretched. Still love the shows!

  2. wendypercoco says:

    Haha, agree Mrs. Gardner!…I love this bread too, not because of the “biblical mandate” but because it is so good, so healthy, a great product…so their theology is off – meh, I am not buying it or eating it because of their theology.

  3. Johnny E Seward Jr says:

    I would love to have your explanation of jew vs christian, so I can answer my brothers’ question better. I got back to living for Jesus 6 or so years ago, when does my effort start being His finished thing, if its already finished, when am I going to start being disciplined, holy, rightious, and resting on His promises?

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