Can a man stop lusting?

Episode 1428

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2 Responses to Can a man stop lusting?

  1. Truth2Freedom says:

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  2. christian says:

    One part was not right. Only where you said men are dogs. Men are not animals. That makes them unable to say no. And, even if you meant sinful, the biblical term, you should have included women in that, because – in that case BOTH men and women are dogs – by excluding us women, you are perpetuating the lie that lust is a man’s problem – hence, men will hide it more from women who they assume won’t understand —– and you are perpetuating the shame for women to come forward in the church – who already have a hard time finding the support for lust, since men abound with support in the church but women do not. —– please do not say lust is a man’s problem or that man is an animal. that does a GREAT disservice to BOTH men and women.

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