Two Christians tag-team an open-air preacher.

Episode 1422

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8 Responses to Two Christians tag-team an open-air preacher.

  1. What I can’t understand is the rudeness from the audience. WOW

  2. Tim Bates says:

    Certainly I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ being proclaimed and I honestly have no issue with Todd Friel’s message in this video. I love his program. I love the truth of God. I do not think we need to be super nice and fluffy and never talk about the wrath to come.
    But, I’m not sold that open-air preaching is an effective means of communicating the Gospel. Yes I agree that open-air preaching is superior to not preaching. Don’t get me wrong, I do not think open-air preaching is sinful (though, like most anything, it can be). This isn’t an either/or dilemma where we either do open-air preaching or do nothing. I’m wondering if we can do open-air preaching without the megaphones, speakers and guys yelling loudly.
    Does anyone respond well to a message of any kind when it’s booming in their ear as they walk down the street? If I’m going with my family to get ice cream and someone I do not know is yelling at me and he’s offering me $10,000, I’m still not going to stop and listen to him. That doesn’t mean the man’s offer isn’t sincere it just means I’d rather not deal with such a person.
    Of course the Gospel is abrasive and truth is divisive. People get angry sitting in churches and listening to calm, gentle presentations of the Gospel. But the message is what is so agitating, not the messenger.
    I am sincerely looking for feedback. I’m never going to tell someone to not open-air preach. I think it takes incredible courage to do it.

    • Mikel Writes says:

      I feel you. At times open-air preaching can feel mundane…mainly when you see them on the high street. If you’re busy, on errands or tired coming home form work..or in the mornings rushing to work an open-air preacher might not make you stop.
      However, where Todd Friel is, I think it can be effective…it’s at a fair/or some sort of event…people stopped to listen and he interacted with the audience (though they were kinda silly and in denial.). Todd even gave the man a chance to come up and talk, with a mic.

      I think open air preaching is better at events where folks will gather and give their attention.

    • Phill says:

      I’m sure Jesus could be trusted to determine what the most effective means of communicating the gospel was, and since open-air preaching was His chosen method, and also the method He instructed His disciples to use, and the method Paul used after communing one-on-one with the Holy Spirit for a number of years, it could be safe to say that it would retain its effectiveness in our “modern” society. Todd’s message wasn’t booming in anybody’s ears. The people stopped to listen of their own accord and he was sincere, and pleasant. The only thing offensive about what he was, you said, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which will always be offensive, no matter the delivery.

      • Tim Bates says:

        Jesus only open-air preached in the sense, as far as I’m aware, that He preached outside frequently. He also went into the synagogues. The difference between Jesus, Paul, John the Baptist, etc and street preachers today is that they either went to public forums or people came to them to hear them preach. I don’t think you can prove from the text of Scripture that Jesus set up shop on the corner and started yelling the gospel. People went out to see John the Baptist. Paul entered into public arenas where such things were expected and orderly.
        I am pleased that Todd set up a designated space for what he did and I’m not really objecting to what he did in the video. But we all know there are street preachers who are abrasive, not because of their message, but because they are just yelling or using a megaphone or a sound system in an area not designed for such an event.
        This isn’t, as I stated before, an either/or issue. I’m not trying to stop people from proclaiming the gospel as most probably assume I am. I think my concerns are very legitimate and to act like the only thing people dislike about street preachers is their message is a bit self-congratulatory.

  3. Mikel Writes says:

    Those two to three people were just soooo naive and stubborn.
    Christ is the way, the truth and the Life. FOR EVERYBODY

  4. Dan Bowers says:

    I was at the point in my life where those audience members were when I received salvation. In fact it was seeing MYSELF in the people like the ones in the audience that God used to plant the seeds. Always in denial, waving my hands at the ones preaching, rolling my eyes and looking away and saying I know what’s best for me. God used people like that to show me the truth. They want Jesus to be what’s best for them. They think Jesus is different for everyone, but the reality is there can only be one Truth.
    Praise God for Todd Friel and his unwavering service to the Lord.

  5. Truth2Freedom says:

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