Anxiety Reliever #5: The Holy Spirit prays for you.

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5 Responses to Anxiety Reliever #5: The Holy Spirit prays for you.

  1. urfriendruth says:

    Hmm ive struggled with anxiety for many years and for the last year it became so bad im on 2 kinds of meds .. I hate it. Im a Christian and I don’t understand this. I never thought lack of faith before .. But I guess that does make sense. I want freedom from this so badly. Its such a bondage. I dont even know what peace feels like anymore. I don’t know what to do . How do you have more faith. ? I feel like I trust God.. But then why am I such a mess .. ?

    • Murewa says:

      Is there a cause for the anxiety? Time to figure out the cause. Some people just put labels and easy to prescribe but it best to get to the roots of the problem. Nothing is wrong with you let’s just get that out the way. You can conquer this thing. I dealt with it before and even recently tried to come up but I’ll just say “I bind the spirit of anxiety right now in Jesus name” and God shows himself. God will help but we must know that whatever we pray for we must leave it with Him.

    • Andrew Davis says:

      I went through the same thing a number of years ago. I too believe that I was chosen from the bunch to follow Christ, and I still do to this day.
      It was cleaning on to faith, and more specifically, “trust” in the promises that God the father and Christ the Son made that saw me through to the other side of anxiety. And I rode that trust all the way through to the other side of anxiety.
      I came to understand that this was a battle, and I learned to fight. It took years but I fought day and night, and night and day.
      I guess my secret/advice to you is that I did not fight against anxiety, but rather I fought to stay focused on Christ. I can’t remember where I heard it but I knew that keeping Christ in the center of your focus was essentially the answer to any problem. The more in-depth secret is that when you’re focused on perfection there is no room for error to occupy, and error will fade. And Christ is perfection. He is absolutely perfect

      Fight to keep Him constantly in the center of your camera lens, so to speak. That means making Him the center and focal point of your mind constantly. It means talking to and praying to him all the time, even if you can’t find anything to talk about, almost like your bugging him. I tried to focus on him with tunnel vision, and blinders for backup. But to be honest that was very difficult in the midst of constant anxiety. But that’s where I learned to get stubborn and fight!

      Focus, focus, focus on Christ and his perfection and your life will change for the better and start to make sense. The Lord will bring your mind back in balance and you will find peace. That’s really the only way it can work when you’re focused on Christ, because there is simply no room for erroneousness. He is the cure! Fight to focus on Christ, and focus on Christ to fight, and you will win, and that’s guaranteed And of course before all of this pray to the Almighty for the strength to win and the will to focus on Christ Jesus. I will be praying for you too.


  2. SLIMJIM says:

    What an encouraging thought to think of the Spirit’s work in praying for us!

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