How am I supposed to treat a loved one who comes out of the closet?

Episode 1403

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5 Responses to How am I supposed to treat a loved one who comes out of the closet?

  1. KJQ says:

    A great video recommending we focus on the right issue. The problem for me is when Grandma/mom/son wants to bring their lover with her to family events and/or to stay over when she’s visiting (i.e. she lives away). If we allow this, aren’t we condoning sin? Do we draw a line in the sand and say “we want you to spend time with us, but not with your lover”?

  2. In this video Todd Friel is proving to me that he doesn’t have a clue, either Biblically or otherwise, in dealing with this issue. In fact, he is only addressing the issue at all because it is being forced upon him to confront based upon the collapse morally of his partner pastors and their failure to contend for the culture on the issue of homosexuality. The fact that he is using bogus terminology like “same-sex attraction” in presenting his obviously uncomfortable, flawed and supeficial rant in this video tells me he has no interest in actually finding out what the Bible really says on this sin, that the issue is foreign to him and that it is one that he really doesn’t want to spend a dime of his time confronting. And that is the problem with people like Friel. They have ignored the homosexual agenda for so long in their theological drenched world and played the church obsession role for so long that now it is too late and the nation has been destroyed on their watch. That is the fruit of their wretched religious agenda where Christianity is intellectualized and the prophetic gifts necessary for confronting and overcoming homosexuality are disemboweled by the powerless spirituality of Friel and his church kin. The evolving times are eventually exposing the spiritual nakedness of people like Todd Friel who have so neutered the ability of Christians to use the gifts of the Holy Spirit by pounding the gavel with “case closed” on Christians still having the supernatural gifts given by the Holy Spirit for healing, prophesy, discernment, distinguishing of spirits, etc. In Todd Friel’s world Christians have a form of godliness, but they have no spiritual power. Thus, they choose to ignore that which they cannot comprehend or overcome and they are now left to throw up flawed, dainty terms like “sexual orientation” and “gay” when sheepishly approaching the homosexual debate. What a sad spectacle these Calvinists have made out of the word of God and the church. As a former homosexual of 30 years who has now been set free from that sin for fifteen years, I know I am right about this and I have truly apprehended what the word of God declares about homosexuality and what it takes to be set free from that sin. And one thing I can say with absolute confidence: Todd Friel doesn’t have a clue as to what God’s word says on the matter.

  3. Joe dude says:

    What a fucked up dude.

  4. TPAKyle says:

    This line of thinking is exactly why Christianity is on the losing side. Jesus is about love, not judgement. The old school thinking that same sex relationship aren’t real and worthy of celebration goes against Jesus’ teaching.

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