A Baptist tries to convert an agnostic to Catholicism.

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4 Responses to A Baptist tries to convert an agnostic to Catholicism.

  1. Truth2Freedom says:

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  2. willjkinney says:

    Interesting video. The “Baptist” young man doesn’t seem to be very convinced himself. He seems to be almost as post modern as the rank unbeliever. What’s with all this “according to our doctrine” stuff? He seems to be saying Well, that’s what we are taught, but it may be different from what you or some other group is taught. What is it that the young man actually believes himself?

    Maybe – in fact, most likely – he is using one of those modern Bible Babble Buffet versions that NOBODY believes are the inerrant, infallible and 100% true words of God, and that is why he is so shaky in what he believes. Ya think?

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    It is important to know what you stand for and how to articulate ot. The best witness is a bold, informed, and inspired witness. Check out this clip from the folks at Wretched that drives the point home.

  4. abacoian says:

    A very telling video. The Baptist was representing Baptists, not necessarily Christ. It’s common, cultural. Sadly. Very truthful video

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