David Platt: “Heaven is for Real” isn’t.

Episode 1371

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7 Responses to David Platt: “Heaven is for Real” isn’t.

  1. Will Kinney says:

    Good points about these “visions of heaven”. However you don’t really have “The Standard” in you multiple choice, Bible Babble Buffet versions out there, do you. You don’t believe that ANY of them are the complete and inerrant words of God. Before you start hyperventilating, just calm down and SHOW us a copy of this inerrant Standard you profess to have and believe in. Not gonna happen, is it?

    Here are just a few of the hundreds of examples I could show you. Bible Babble Buffet Part One

    Which of these is your inerrant written Standard?


  2. Will Kinney says:

    By the way, one of the verses brother Platt read from is missing something in the modern Vatican Versions. It’s John 3:13

    John 3:13 KJB – “And no man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, even the Son of man WHICH IS IN HEAVEN.” (ὁ ὢν ἐν τῷ οὐρανῷ)

    To see a study of this verse, see the complete article here


    God bless.

  3. James Hartline says:

    Like many others who may be in error, David Platt and Todd Friel for that matter, confront the issue of heavenly claims, with a prejudiced and pre-determined belief from the very start of the discussion. Platt and Friel already had their minds already made up when viewing the issue. They were going to reject the heavenly testimonies no matter what the person states on their experiences. Anything that does not line up with the doctrinal prejudices of Platt, Friel and their “reformed” Southern Baptist dogma is immediately written off as heresy no matter what the person’s tesitmony and experiences are. So, there really is no open discussion or a learning experience with these two men on what the Bible says on this issue. The fact that Platt references John MacArthur is even more troubling because MacArthur is so prejudiced against anyone using or operating under the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Now, I question many of the claims of those who write testimonials of going to Heaven and coming back and describing things they see when even the Apostle Paul was not permitted to write about such things. However, the prophet Daniel states very clearly that in the last days, the knowledge of the things of God will increase greatly. For the bigoted view of Platt, Friel and MacArthur, there is no chance, no feasible possibility that anyone could die, go to Heaven and then comeback to declare their experience. There’s is simply a limited and warped understanding of scripture based upon their theological dogma and not the Bible. Furthermore, they inaccurately state there were only four men in the Bible who have visions of Heaven. That is clearly, not true. The Book of Job gives us a vast amount of the activities of Heaven when Satan came before the throne of God to discuss earthly matters. Platt and Friel completely ignore that book in their discussions. Zechariah tells of many visions and experiences in Heaven. They also ignore that book. They also ignore the prophet Micaiah who outlined what he saw in Heaven when he confronted Ahab after Jehosophat called for a true prophet for advise in 2 Chronicles 18. There are many, many other examples. Because these individuals are bound and determined to squelch any credible manifestations of the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirt in their false “the gifts of the Holy Spirit passed away with the original apostles” religious dogma, they will always reject anything anyone testifies of when it comes to experiences while under the influence of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. They are even willing to stoop to the low, guttural accusation of such experiences being from mental illness and drug use or demonic and imaginery, much in the same fashion that the atheists do when when mocking Christianity and a belief in God. Indeed, that attitude is pretty wretched.

  4. Bud Long says:

    MacArthur nor Platt believe there are no gifts today only that certain ones ceased to exist with the closing of the apostolic age. These gifts (sign gifts as tongues, healing, miracles) were gifts to authenticate the message and messenger were from God and history even demonstrates they died out (ceased to exist) and not around until 1000 years later did they seemingly appear by splinter groups hoping to resurrect the phenomena. So get the facts straight. Platt and Macarthur and all reformed people believe in gifts of the Spirit such as love, mercy, evangelism, administration, service, etc. They do stand on “sola scriptura” which evangelicals have since the Reformation. It was one of the main tenets that brought about the break with the Roman Catholic Church and Pope.

    • James Hartline says:

      What you just wrote about certain gifts ceasing to exist has no basis in correct Biblical theology nor is your statement about the purpose of the gifts found anywhere in scripture. It is preposterous that the gifts were sent to authenticate the message and the messenger being sent from God. Maybe in YOUR history the gifts ceased to exist. My Bible’s teachings and my God are not so limited as to follow your dead works doctrine. No one needs your “take an axe” to the scriptures you don’t like or can’t comprehend.

    • willjkinney says:

      “Platt and Macarthur and all reformed people believe in gifts of the Spirit such as love, mercy, evangelism, administration, service, etc. They do stand on “sola scriptura” which evangelicals have since the Reformation. ”

      And isn’t it ironic that John MacArthur has rejected the Reformation text of “sola scripture” and is now promoting the new Vatican Versions like the ESV. And he will double talk, contradict himself when it comes to the infallibility of the Bible. See his own words and contradictions.

      John MacArthur – Confused and Self-Contradictory Pastor with No Infallible Bible


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