How do we treat Candace Cameron Bure?

Episode 1358

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One Response to How do we treat Candace Cameron Bure?

  1. Michael A. Coughlin says:

    Good points. The entire discussion is difficult because where do you draw the line?

    How about a Christian woman who is a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader? Are those outfits revealing enough that we can just call it sin? What about lingerie models? Does intent matter (and how do you measure it)?

    I think we’d all agree total nudity in public would be wrong. Now the question is how little needs to be covered up before we call it adiaphora.

    So at some point, when we see public sin celebrated, we need to be able to call it out. Make a TV show about my life if you want, I get the point…but the difference is if the sin is acknowledged and repented of, not just that it exists. So, yes, I sin daily, like Bure, but I’m not on TV re-displaying it, unrepentant and premeditated. IF her outfit is sin, it isn’t because she was caught up in a moment.

    But I agree Candace should be treated with respect, as a sister and with love. I’m just not sure that someone would be wrong for jumping to the conclusion that her outfits are obvious sin.

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