At what point are you sinning?

Episode 1351

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5 Responses to At what point are you sinning?

  1. Michael A. Coughlin says:

    Good points. Thanks.

  2. Truth2Freedom says:

    Reblogged this on Truth2Freedom's Blog.

  3. willjkinney says:

    I think the lady florist is right and she would be sinning if she knowingly approved of the “gay” wedding. None of the other hypothetical Christians before her in the long process of bringing the flowers to market were sinning because they were not aware of what the flowers would eventually be used for. That is, to participate in some approving way of a homo marriage. I don’t see the problem. It seems pretty clear to me. May God grant that Christian lady and others to stand by her convictions. God bless.

  4. matthew porter says:

    Of course I realize that florists will often have a great deal of interaction with the actual wedding ceremony decorations. My question is: (and I believe the answer is no) do I stop doing masonry for my employer because he is also a lost sinner who may often express acceptance of drunkeness and sexual immorality?

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