John MacArthur talks about Duck Dynasty. Episode 1343

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6 Responses to John MacArthur talks about Duck Dynasty. Episode 1343

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  2. Divisive Theology 101. This is a very good example of otherwise Christian greats being blinded by a doctrinal idol stemming from denominational creeds. That soteriological interpretation clearly becomes idolatry when placed in front of the cross and used to judge others by. Or should Peter also be judged a non-Christian by his answer to the question posed in Acts 2:37?
    Get along little children – or you may find that others will judge you next.

  3. Ryan P says:

    Jesus + Nothing, folks. Celebrate in the water, rest in the Person and work of Jesus the Messiah and the complete salvific work that He gives.

  4. Is it just me or does it seem like McArthur spends a lot of time nitpicking at others lately? I mean I understand that Baptism is not what saves a person and after watching this video im not convinced that this is what the guys over at Duck Dynasty are saying either because they didn’t come out and just plainly state such a thing did they?

    Baptism is a commandment of Jesus and a person who has been saved by Jesus will naturally desire to follow the command of Baptism. I would say a persons refusal to step into the waters of Baptism is a red flag if that person claims to be born again.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    I was born again in a Church of Christ – a genuine believer. (I began to cry when hearing J.M. saying this very thing in the video.) On my way to the church to be baptized at about mid-night for immediate dunking, I asked the question posed here – if I were to die in a car accident on the way, would I go to heaven, I was told, “no” you would be in hell. I stayed in this church for about a year or two learning Scripture as they taught it. They DO believe that baptism is a part of salvation and you are not saved until you come out of the water, not one part of your body can miss the water or it is a re-do. They also believe you can lose your salvation.

    When I left the church I was sent a letter about their concern for me attending a church that used musical instruments, it stated that my soul was in danger of hell if I did not repent and return to the Church of Christ (non-instrumental).

    They base these beliefs on obscure verses, so as a new believer, I believed them. Not until some years later did I come to know how to understand and interpret “obscure” verses and do word studies on my own to see that these “doctrines” were based on man’s traditions, not God’s word. Yet, the Lord opened my eyes that night and my baptism was a very special moment.

  6. Bruce Reeves says:

    Baptism is associated with “the working of God” and is an expression of faith (Colossians 2:11-13). The New Testament writers never associated baptism with “works” or a “Law of works” as defined by Pauline theology, but always associated it with baptism and conversion (Galatians 3:26-27).

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