One more reason you can trust the Bible. Episode 1330

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4 Responses to One more reason you can trust the Bible. Episode 1330

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  2. willjkinney says:

    Nobody is questioning or denying that the gospel and much of God’s truth is in the ESV, But the every changing ESVs (3 different editions in just 10 years) is not at all the inerrant words of God. It deletes even more whole verses than the NASB, NIV and adds literally hundreds of words to the Hebrew O.T. and rejects numerous Hebrew readings and most definitely perverts sound doctrine in several places. Why memorize and teach from a “bible” version that you yourself do not believe is the complete and inerrant words of God? What’s the point?

    The Every Changing ESVs – Just Another Vatican Version

    • David Kitts says:

      Your allegations about “deleted” verses depends upon a premise that the verses were in the original. Sorry to burst your bubble, but the King James is NOT the original. By the way, the Vatican had nothing to do with the ESV.

  3. willjkinney says:

    And if you had actually read the ESV article I posted, you would have seen this –

    Here is a Catholic site called Catholic Books where you can buy the ESV with the Apocryphal books included. This version has the full backing of the Catholic church, but you will not find the King James Bible being sold here –

    Here is a list of the “bibles” they recommend at this Catholic site

    ESV w/ Apocrypha (Deuterocanonicals) is Here!
    Well, after a fairly long wait, I finally received the Oxford University Press English Standard Bible with Apocrypha . The photo on the le…
    Douay-Rheims Bible
    Revised Standard Version- Catholic Edition
    New American Bible Revised Edition
    New Revised Standard Version
    New Jerusalem Bible
    The Bible in Its Traditions
    Christian Community Bible
    NET Bible
    English Standard Version
    Common English Bible

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