Is Jesus a myth? Episode 1332

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4 Responses to Is Jesus a myth? Episode 1332

  1. jasonjshaw says:

    Ok, that’s one story debunked, how about the rest of them?

    Though I do agree, it seems unlikely that Jesus is completely a myth, but it does seem likely that some mythical elements did seep into the story of Jesus. Or would it be more appropriate if I suggested that Jesus is FULLY historical figure and FULLY mythological figure?

    • becky says:

      The clips shown is only part of the original video. The rest can be seen here:

      • jasonjshaw says:

        Ah thanks! That was pretty good! Seems the born of a virgin myth was significant in many areas of the world though, while the story of Jesus may not be a direct reflection of one particular myth, surely it is possible to have inherited some traits from other folklore that may have been circulating in the area at the time – or even developed folklore of its own considering the reputation Jesus earned himself.

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