Help! My spouse is verbally/emotionally/spiritually abusive. Episode 1333

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10 Responses to Help! My spouse is verbally/emotionally/spiritually abusive. Episode 1333

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  2. Bob Snyder says:

    Reblogged this on Snyderssoapbox's Blog and commented:
    Good technique for people to use.

  3. James says:

    The brick studio is cool,… that’s the first thing I noticed when wretched started being produced. I hope the new studio can bring such a solid looking back drop.

  4. Kim Wagner says:

    Could you lists definite red flags that indicate Verbal, Emotional or Spiritual abuse? Emotional seems most vague to me. thanks!

  5. This advice is all well and good, for those who haven’t been put down so often they feel like a doormat and are able speak up for themselves.
    But many people who are in a relationship like that don’t speak up for fear of more abuse. And they also get shouted down and not heard, so they don’t bother.
    I’ve been on the end of spiritual abuse in a cult like group I was in, and I learnt that the person doesn’t even realise they are doing it, and if you say anything, they get defensive and start blaming you for their angry response.
    You need to get in early and nip it in the bud before it becomes habit, especially if it is a husband/wife situation. If you get in early, while you still have a voice, and aren’t afraid to use it, things will more than likely work out for the better.

  6. Charlie says:

    Define verbal, emotional, and spiritual abuse? I have seen these terms redefined, misused, and abused quite often amongst individuals. It is very vague and gray. What do you do if it is false allegations? For example: there wasn’t abuse, the person lies and claims there was, they begin to enforce consequences, and then the other spouse counters and begins to enforce consequences for that person lying. It can get real nasty quick. I’d be very cautious with advising someone to separate. This can trigger unintended fallout and encourage individuals to look for back doors and ways out. People look for a way to justify and rationalize their reactions. Sin deceives. I wouldn’t be so quick to jump on the “I’m gonna police my spouse and be the enforcer and their personal holy spirit.” That could get ugly and dangerous real quick.

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  8. jackie says:

    My husband has been verbally abusing myself and my three sons for he past 4 years. I love him deeply. He has lost his job going on 2 years. To which Im sure has alot to do with this . Not only is he abusive he is also abusing drugs. I guess to numb the pain. I am not perfect but I want to save my marriage. What do I do. Is there a place or somewhere that can help.?

  9. Marolynn says:

    Hi Jackie, I’ve been there. if you begin to read your post you start out by saying he have done this for 4 years. so he only lost his job 2 years ago. you already trying to make excuses for him since 4 yrs ago. He needs help & so do you for allowing yourself to fix him and ignore you have a problem for allowing him to treat you this way and you think its okay to accept it and miss the mark that you are abusing yourself in the process. Seek spiritual help & find a counselor they you both MUST attend and one for yourself to strengthen you also, one for your children especially “boys” who may think its okay to treat women (spouse) this way. Get a “No deal commitment” for your husband in getting some help. Don’t allow him to pull you in. A “no deal” is you must get help before coming back and allowing our boys to see you this way. No deal, no more excuses, no more abusiveness, no more drugs until you are able to be the real man in this house to carry the weight for our children. Take care, Marolynn

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