What is “Holy Fire?” Episode 1321

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3 Responses to What is “Holy Fire?” Episode 1321

  1. J. Elaine Bebout says:

    The clock on the wall is hanging upside down.
    I remember singing a song in my home Nazarene Church with these words: “O, I never shall forget how the fire fell, how the fire fell, how the fire fell. No, I never shall forget how the fire fell when God sanctified me.”

  2. Richardofbethany says:

    Yes all get when i listen to this is acts2:3 “tongues like as of fire and it sat upon each of them.”

    The refiners fire does burn, but God is looking for those willing to embrace the north wind and the mountain of myrrh, deny yourself and ask God to refine you as it is his will. Your suffering in this life is directly proportional to your exaltation in the next.
    You did say one thing on unity but it gets so list in your false humility, brother.

  3. Leona Manke says:

    When we want the fire to fall, we are referring to the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost–we want the Spirit to fall on us, “tongues like as of fire”. Of course this is a simile, not a metaphor, so may not count in your assessment, but works for all the songs folks are referring to. I did enjoy all the references to fire as purifier, etc. and enjoy your talks.

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