How does God speak to us? Episode 1299

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3 Responses to How does God speak to us? Episode 1299

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  2. Jeff Young says:

    What about those who are “called” to ministry? Is there a call outside of ourselves and if so does this fall in some other catagory?

  3. Richard brooks says:

    So God spoke 50 plus times to gosly and ungodly men in the book of genesis alone, and he sent joseph and mary across creation based upon dreams, why on earth would you believe he has stopped speaking? Oh right, God does not speak after the book of acts.
    John 3:6-8″where the wind blows”
    1 cor 1:17″not with wisdom of words”
    1 cor 2:13-16″not mans wisdom, but HG teachs, what the natural man calls foolish”
    1 cor 4:20″not in word but power”
    1. Cor 12:1-14:40″i would not have you ignorant brother, God moves in ways that confound intellect and reason on purpose”
    1 thess 5:19-20″despise not prophesy”
    1 timothy 4:1 ( who speaks? The spirit!)
    Prov 6:16-19″pride and a false (cessationist ) witness. Be careful that you dont reduce an infinite creative mysterious God to a single book via your fleshly understanding.
    Lean not upon it he warns, but rather be like a child.
    But unlike you i still call you brother…

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