You MUST understand this…or else. Episode 1284

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4 Responses to You MUST understand this…or else. Episode 1284

  1. Les Hoy says:

    Fantastic, great teaching Todd

  2. stefenlittle says:

    I disagree with this video. There are problems with the accepted orthodox teaching of the Trinity as well. If we say that the Deity in each person of the trinity of persons revealed in the Holy Scriptures is one and equal yet their persons are distinct that is just like water, ice and vapor. For there is one common essence not one common person, which is the water expressed in three distinct or separate forms. There is no need to think or conclude that the water common to each distinct instance or manifestation is the Father only. One can easily say that the three different modes of water represent three different bodies of the same common, one, unified, essence or nature which is deity, divine, and in the case of the analogy water. Ice is one body, vapor another and water another. We do not say that the three person are three separate or distinct gods, but distinct persons with one essence common to them which is deity. I am not an upholder of modalism but I just think the nit picking is a little overboard and wanted to express how one doesn’t have to look at it in an overtly modalistic way. If one were to say that it was the Father in three different modes then it would be wrong but there is no need to think that about that analogy. Lastly I would say I follow the scriptures more than a man made doctrine of speculation put together for mans goal of trying to makes sense and give honor to the three persons revealed in Scripture with divine authority. I personally think that attempt fails in the creeds, except in that they do highlight or counteract certain other errors of thought but I think they go too far in speculating about the divine oneness and nature of the authority of the Godhead. To say that they are all exactly equal and eternal and God is dangerous speculation. If we should refrain from speaking about these mysteries , which I agree with, that we should not go beyond what is written without specifying that we are entering into speculation, then I think we should have refrained and stopped short of even the Nicene creed. Does it counter act certain errors of thought that would lead to not hell but simply erroneous thoughts and confusing thoughts yes, but the creeds themselves are not exempt and just because they counteract certain clearer errors or simply imprecisions and unsatisfactory and incomplete thoughts does not mean that they are free from limitation, which I think they are. The only reason that these shortcomings which exists in all and are rejected and more clearly seen in the other attempts at explaining what is revealed in scripture, which is what they all are, attempts, including the Nicene and Athanasian creeds, is because the creeds simply tried to cover every angle with a sweeping praise and honor and giving equal praise to each so as not to be found in error of diminishing any, but that to my mind is based in fear and ignorance, not knowledge. I ti is like saying , we don’t know which is the head so lets just honor and worship them all and play it safe. I disagree with that and I think it itself is an error and a refusal to accept what is clearly in Scripture. God the Father is the Supreme head over all and is The God of John 1:! that God is with. If you don’t know, maybe you do, the prologue of John in 1:1 says in the Greek that the logos or word was with the God(definite article) and god was the word. All people agree that the identity of the logos was not being spoken of here but the description or quality. His identity is separate from God, denoted as being with the God and so separate. So is it God with God two equal and distinct? For they are not one and the same person and if they are not one then they are two, Not two head Gods co equal for then they would be twins or brothers to use an earthly comparison of things that are truly co-equal, coexistent separate but equal. Anyway my point is not to attack or tear down Orthodoxy, I accept orthodoxy but I also accept that there is room and liberty in Christ to think about the same scripture for myself just as the men of that time did and many disagreed, just because the creed was passed does not mean everyone or even a large majority agreed. I believe there is a range of orthodoxy that does not require excommunication and I am able to live with that quietly confident in my own mind as according to Rom 14. Of course I know that it is not dealing with the same subjects but I do not put speculations turned into creeds in some special or higher category like the Scriptures, so I do not reverence the thinking of men the same way and therefore think that when we are dealing with thinking some are clearly right and clearly wrong and some are partly right but incomplete and impartial and fall short and that includes some parts of the Creeds. Becoming a creed doesn’t take away those shortcomings and it I snot as though we can avoid all shortcomings or for that reason should give up on trying but it is important for humility and brotherly love , unity and peace where it can be had, to remember and acknowledge that we should never elevate creeds or interpretations to the an undue level but always remember they fall short and for that reason alone we must have an open mind and accept the shortcomings of others views without being overly nit picky.

  3. jasonjshaw says:

    Essentially it is a paradox that pushes for submission to the faith, as this video describes.

    OR it can be seen metaphorically in a way that actually makes sense.

    “Be accepting of all forces acting upon you (The Father). Be caring and honest with all humans (The Son). When you are loving and respectful toward everything, self-respect comes upon you (The Spirit).”

    In other words, Father = greater forces upon us, Son = humanity, Holy Spirit = self-respect.

    Really, it’s not as difficult as Christianity makes it out to be!

  4. doulos65 says:

    Excellent Diagram of the Trinity!

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