How to endure Christmas parties.

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3 Responses to How to endure Christmas parties.

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  3. It is strange to see how many preachers of Christ, you who speak the Bible scriptures in the name of God, can in the same breath say ” Merry Christmas”.

    Do you know the history of the origin of the “Christmas” celebration?

    Do you know that it was created under the authority of the diminishing Roman Empire….by the Roman general (=catholic) church? … an assembly that compromised the One Truth so that they would be spared persecution…so that they would have the “FREEDOM” to worship Christ as a “RELIGION”… by embracing the authority and worship of Caesar as the one who gave them this freedom.
    …just as Satan said to Jesus that he would give Him the glory of man’s kingdoms if Christ would bow down to Satan (to live by and represent Satan’s way of freedom of self-will, self-magnification).

    Do you know that it incorporates beliefs from pagan religions?

    Do you know that it was initially designed to give tribute to the winter solstice and its Roman pagan gods?

    You say “Merry Christmas” ….and in so doing you give support and acknowledgement to the validity of the above lies, in the name of doing what is right in your own eyes.

    Jesus Christ never commanded the we are to celebrate His physical birth and neither did the apostles. In the three earthly years that Christ lived, spoke, did works of, and taught the One Truth, not once did He or did his apostles celebrate or promote the celebration of his birth. Neither did He command it after His resurrection.

    …and by the way Christ was not born on Dec 25….another lie that you support.

    But many christian preachers justify their celebration and validity of “Christmas” by saying that it is an occasion to preach the gospel of Christ. But since this ‘Christmas” is a lie and harlotry, then it also means that the “associated gospel” preached is a false and corrupt gospel….giving credence to and acceptance of this lie as being part of Christ.

    Some preachers will even make reference to I Corinthians 9:19-23 as a justification to celebrate Christmas and as an opportunity to preach the gospel, to “draw” people to Christ. The apostle Paul, in these lines, is not saying that it is acceptable to celebrate/support a paganized holiday in order to preach the gospel….he is, instead, saying that it is right to “work as a servant” for each and every person, no matter his background, so as to show in works and in speech the True Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Christ said that many will come to Him….saying Lord, Lord….and Christ said that He will not know them for they are in reality WORKERS of lawlessness, whose first love is FREEDOM of self-will, self-righteousness, the desire to serve and magnify the “self” (XES)….and that there will be greater condemnation for such.

    Strong words…but the ONE TRUTH divides.

    John Stefanyszyn
    …a bondman of Christ the One King.

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