More proof that Jesus is God.

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11 Responses to More proof that Jesus is God.

  1. jasonjshaw says:

    Interesting clip! Hardly evidence, let alone proof, that Jesus is God, but it goes to show the liberties fiction writers go to to connect with their audience sometimes glossing over facts. Actually, it would not surprise me if such things were done in the writing of parts of the Bible to ensure Jesus’ message was seen as one sent from God when he may not have been any less human than you or I.

    • Gregory, Gonzalez says:

      Let’s be real…. you UN-believers will never believe unless God himself sat right in front of you and spoke. You people are so unfair to God and to yourselves by not truly seeking the truth about God. You seek everything else so fervently and blindly believe everything that is thrown at you by media and this world’s education and knowledge. If you would only put half the effort you do for this world knowledge and apply it to seek God’s truth you will find it. That’s one of God’s greatest promises to people, that if you seek him you will find Him !!!

      • jasonjshaw says:

        I’ve got nothing against God, or Jesus’ suggestions of how things work with God. I’ve been working on making sense of that and feel that I have forged a decent foundation to work off of. I just find that Jesus as God is suspect. I’ve been exploring possibilities that Jesus could have been purely human in my blog if you are curious as to where I’m coming from. I welcome criticism to my theories, as they wouldn’t be worth much if I am ignoring any holes that might exist in them. It’s actually a pretty interesting story if you look at the New Testament from a Jesus is human standpoint, and really infuses the Bible with the richness of humanity.

    • rpavich says:

      I guess you must be aware that just accusing historical writers of fraud doesn’t carry any weight right? That’s not how historians work (for obvious reasons)…if the standard of proof for truth in historical documents is that everything is suspect…then no history is possible, and you can’t even believe that George Washington ever lived.

      His point wasn’t that this is “proof of Jesus’ deity” for you…the unbeliever, it’s to illustrate that the concept that Jesus is God is not a “semi modern invention” as he stated in the video.

      Proof of anything is subject to a persons presupposed ideas about reality and their ultimate authority…and thus….no matter what proof is brought to you…you will find a way to reject it…that’s just life.

      So in short…I think you missed the point of the video and learned that just an accusation of fraud without some sort of evidence doesn’t mean squat.

  2. Dick Weaver says:

    Well, it IS testimony from the 2nd century (and possibly the 1st) showing the development of Christian theology. Nice if really were proof, but it isn’t. It’s valuable in its own right, as an early Christian document with a faith statement by the writer. That doesn’t constitute proof, just evidence of belief.

    • rpavich says:

      You assume development before showing that it’s actually fact…that’s circular.

      Do you have any reason (actual evidence) to believe that this is a “development” and not just a recording of what had been the case since day one?

      FYI, just making an accusation without any supporting evidence doesn’t mean squat….I could just as easily say “someone is masquerading as Dick Weaver! You aren’t who you say you are!” and you’d (rightly so) laugh at me….I have no evidence that that’s a fact…it’s only a baseless accusation…it carries no weight.

      That’s not how historians operate; lol…they can’t …no study of the past would be possible if all one could do was hurl accusations and ancient writers without reason.

  3. John says:

    HMMmmm… Most of us only maintain about 2 and !/2 percent of the knowledge in the world!
    Kind of a risky bet… say, no God and everlasting life! , …or total blackout “HELL”. And best of all the bet does not even cost you a thing. The human intellect….???? What of the other 97 plus percent you know nothing about. Where is that great Society logic , and the all knowing.

  4. Pastor Alin says:

    Great video. I always learn something new what I watch James White. The historical evidence is overwhelming that early Christians did in fact believe in the Deity of Christ! Thanks for more proof to add to my arsenal! God bless you.

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