Steve Lawson’s impromptu Gospel presentation.

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37 Responses to Steve Lawson’s impromptu Gospel presentation.

  1. Saint Douglas says:

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    If you don’t know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, please listen what Steve Lawson has to say.

  2. sage_brush says:

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    Mercy is free, but you must choose it.

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    This is the news that Julius reported. It starts badly…but ends well!

  4. doulos65 says:

    Steve Lawson makes it perfectly clear and simple. It is the Gospel!

  5. Truth2Freedom says:

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  6. alexeyhurricane says:

    why do i need the Gospel ?? some assumptions are wrong

    • D.G says:

      If you think you dont need the gospel, then ALL of the assumptions are wrong as far as youre concerned.

      • alexeyhurricane says:

        that’s the thing you think i dont need “Good News” , that’s how false assumptions are made in this video!! the problem is he didn’t say who is Jesus Christ and most important who is his Father!!!

      • D.G says:

        I certainly DO think you need the gospel! Still dont know what these so-called assumptions are. I lived in Latin America for years and have known quite a few Jesus’. Not one of them claimed to be messiah.

  7. alexeyhurricane says:

    and compare his presentation to the apostles presentation , i dont see similarity!!!

    • Allen says:

      Please post what you believe the gospel is.


      • alexeyhurricane says:

        that would take few days (e.g this guy uses theological language that doesn’t make sense if he/she haven’t read the Bible even if the read just Old Testament the wouldn’t get it now i understand why jews dont want to hear this “Good news” , it is not something that can be talled in few words. That is the problem (Jesus is not the Gospel there are few hundred Jesuses running in mexico city…)

      • D.G says:

        As the Bible points out, its the same gospel for the Jew and the gentile. Paul managed to sum up the gospel clearly and concisely, so I dont know why you need days to do the same thing. I think youre confusing discipleship with evangelism. Theres a huge difference between presenting the gospel and expositional bible study – which, of course would take a life time.
        Dont be niave, the Jews are fully aware of who Jesus Christ claims to be. The clue’s in the name. Please provide us all with a clearer definition of the.gospel. If you cant do that in the time permitted then you have no chance of pointing anyone into the kingdom of God. I cant even tell if youre a believer or not. Your posts dont make it.clear.

    • D.G says:

      You wont see it until you open the Bible and read it. If someone preaches a different gospel, they’re preaching a different Christ.

      • alexeyhurricane says:

        thats the point jews aware of different Jesus not of the Bible , they aware that this Jesus persecuted them for 2000 years and killed them in millions!!!

      • D.G says:

        Where on earth are you getting this stuff? Jesus never persecuted anyone, anytime nor did he command any of his followers to do so. Jesus was himself a jew so its state that he persecuted his own people. I can only assume youre refering to the historical persecution of jews by those who claimed to be christian. Nobody judges a religion by its abusers.
        Be careful when you attribute something to Jesus that cannot be supported by any evidence. So far youve given no biblical or historical reference for anything youve said. At least be intellectually honest and state what you actually believe. I dont know if im talking to an atheist, agnostic, orthodox jew, messianic jew or christian..

      • Ryan P says:


        I think you’re missing the point. The bible talks about false messiahs and those who will come in the name of Jesus falsely . You seem to want your cake and eat it to. Are you pleased with those who slide over the facts and failures of church and “Christian” history? Obviously not. How do you correct this? You clarify the character and nature of the individual original subject, correct? You want to bypass the sects and followers who’ve gone astray over generations. So do you run back to Hebraic Roots? Nope, you run further. John 1:1, “in the beginning.” This is where the Gospel begins. Then you work forward: creation, man and woman, sin, curse, the Law, the attributes of God, inability, desperation, the nation and history of Israel, messianic prophecy/shadows/types, the incarnation, Jesus’ sinless life, and wrath (of Holy God and evil man) absorbtion on the cross, and finally His resurrection and ascension and sending of the Spirit. This should eclipse the whole matter of sins of people. However, you can also go the route of Sha’ul in Romans He condemns the whole human race (unrighteous, irreligious hypocrite and the self-righteous). He explains that man is guilty and helpless to make atonement or change his sinful nature. Man does not do good, does not seek God and is ultimately rotten, seperated and headed for final judgment by God who demands the righteous of God. We need a savior? Who could be a savior? How could this savior save us? This where Mr. Lawson’s presentation kills it. It demonstrates the sinfulness of man, the holiness of Yahweh, and the divine nature of Yeshua, the Righteousness of God incarnate, who propitiates the wrath of the Father for the sin’s of men. This satisfies God’s justice. Meanwhile Yeshua enables the mercy of God to be shown on the ungodly, His enemies, cursed man. This is gorgeous. As I’ve challenged many, have you ever been just and merciful at the same time, without violating one or the other? I can answer that, no. Me neither…praise God for His character and nature! Romans 1:16 says that this is the power of God unto salvation for ALL who believe it. Get the word out. Tell all liars, gluttons, racists, bigots, murderers, thieves, gossips, adulterers, sloths, doubters, self-righteous, hypocrites, proud, idolaters, humans, can be saved from the penalty, bondage of sin, and then declared righteous through the divine person and complete work of Messiah Jesus.

      • D.G says:

        I’m assuming your post is directed towards ‘Alexyhurricane’, as I totally agree with all that you’ve said, and Youve just reiterated what Steve Lawson has said. Although i’m not sure what point you were making with regards to false messiahs, failures of the christian church and sects? Don’t think anyone would deny damage done in the name of God by ‘doctrines of devils’ propogated by false prophets/teachers/sects.

      • Ryan P says:

        @ D.G.
        You are correct :o)

      • Ryan P says:

        That was not directed to you. I was trying to interact with alexeyhurricane’s critique of Lawson’s Gospel presentation. The more that I review the comments, the more that I realize that there might be a little grace missing here. Been there and the Holy Spirit’s worked on me a bit. Keep striving for truth but don’t forget that grace and truth complement eachother greatly. I’ve had to be broken over this many times. You all have a good one.

      • D.G says:

        Thanks for clearing that up, Ryan. I was getting confused. Ive been really struggling to understand where alexyhurricane was coming from. Honestly! Youre absolutely right, we.should speak the truth in love and grace. I need to work on that area too. Wise words, my friend.

  8. D.G says:

    So why is THIS gospel not preached by Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyers, Ken Copeland, J Du Plantis, C Capps, P Crouch or anyone in the Emergent Church? ( Guess I already know the answer to that one!!)

    • D.G says:

      There’s no money to be made out of this gospel!

      • alexeyhurricane says:

        that is the problem you assume too much , that is not the way to be Biblical !!! if you want to follow traditions go on…

      • D.G says:

        So far you’ve offered absolutely no explanation of what biblical gospel is, nor have you at least stated what you believe or indeed IF you believe. Ironically, your blog ‘Judiasim &.Christianity’ says nothing about Judaism OR Christianity! I’d love to know what I am meant to be assuming – given the fact you havent told me. At least have the conviction to say at least something of what you believe. Give me something to go on and please answer some of the questions put to you. You sound a bit confused.

  9. alexeyhurricane says:

    too many words dont make it complicated , ill say “Gospel is Genesis to Revelation” i cant reply for some reason further in discussion!

    • D.G says:

      Well Alex, you have to resolve some important issues: You really have to determine what are the core elements of the Gospel if you want to reach the lost, because, frankly, you wont have too long a time in order to get the gospel across to those who are searching. The disciples, the apostles and even Christ Himself managed to lead people into the kingdom without the need to expound the entire Scriptures every single time.
      The person of Christ is found from Genesis to Revelation. Dont assume for one minute that Steve Lawson’s presentation is all he has to say, but it is a clear, concise and accurate description of the Gospel. Check out some of Lawson’s other teaching videos. By all means give it a different slant when dealing with jews and use show them how Jesus Christ satisfied the requirements of OT law.
      My worry is that you complicate the redemptive work of Christ to those who are looking for God. The pharisees were guilty of ‘shutting the Kingdom of God in mens faces.’ God forbid we do likewise!
      Thanks for your posts. Sorry you dont have time to send anymore. Nevertheless, ill continue to check out your blog from time to time – In the hope that you manage to actually explain the message of the Gospel, because so far you havent came up with anything – which is a real pity.
      May the Lord bless you as you seek the truth.

  10. alexeyhurricane says:

    it is all “circumstantial” where and what place and how long!!! the problem is no one has time for anything( that is what internet is click click click fast fast fast) there are no fast track gospel , if they dont have time , they dont really sick , if they dont sick you are just wasting your time (pearls and pigs)
    in few more words Gospel is Repent and believe in Jesus Christ really , like in the parable of the vineyard Matthew 21:33+ now repent because the Son of G-d is here and we have to give him back what he wants!!!

    • D.G says:

      Discipleship takes a lifetime. Evangelizing someone doesn’t have to. You’re confusing the two. Have you ever pointed someone into the kingdom? If not, maybe its because youre presenting it in a way that’s unattainable. If you did point someone into the kingdom, how long did it take you and what did you say? You summerized it by saying ‘Repent and believe’. Steve Lawson went into much more detail than that! (which you critizied him for).

      There a really strong sense in Scripture that the Gospel can be explained fairly briefly and with clarity. Consider:
      -The thief on the cross didnt have the time, but got into the kingdom.
      – Acts 2. Peter brought almost 3000 into the kingdom the same day.
      – Philip and the ethiopian. Gospel shared/Baptised while still on the road.

      What would you say to a man on his deathbed who wanted to know the way to God, if he only had 10 minutes more to live? Would you apologize and tell him that you couldnt do it in the time provided? We will all give account to God of who we have preached the gospel to. Remember….Disciples make disciples. Thats what we’re commanded to do.

      • alexeyhurricane says:

        “-The thief on the cross didnt have the time, but got into the kingdom.”
        yeh right how did he know that he didnt do anything wrong he had some idea who he was!!!
        “”- Acts 2. Peter brought almost 3000 into the kingdom the same day.”””
        they at-least been reading Torah all their lives
        “””- Philip and the ethiopian. Gospel shared/Baptised while still on the road.”””
        ethiopian was a jew same applies to him , good point actually can someone or did this Preacher upstairs(Steve Lawson) start from Torah and through the scriptures to explain to us who is this Messiah , maybe one verse from Torah??? or he starts from theoligal posiiton called calvinism???

      • D.G says:

        The Torah never saved anyone, thats why Christ came to do what the law could never do. Salvation is found in a PERSON not the law! If the Torah was enough, then Jesus Christ would never have had to come! Thats the whole point! The Pharisees had the Torah, followed the Torah and taught the Torah. What did Jesus call them? :
        Whitewashed tombs
        Sons of vipers
        Sons of Hell
        Full of corruption
        They shut the Kingdom of God in mens faces
        Their converts are double sons of Hell …………..etc ( See matt 23 )

        Lets not forget…Jesus IS the fullfillment of the law. Yes the law is a necessary tool which points us to the messiah and it acts as a school teacher to bring us to Christ, but it cannot save….EVER.

        ‘There is NEITHER JEW NOR GENTILE…’. ( Galatians 3 v 28 )
        Please make sure sure you make a distinction between the MORAL Law, CIVIL Law and the CEREMONIAL Law. The MORAL Law is still in effect but not the Civil/Ceremonial Law.

        Maybe nobody should be offered salvation until they earn a degree in Old Testament Studies!
        With regard to Steve Lawsons presentation: Was there ANY theological or doctrinal comment made that wasnt true? Even ONE? We both know the answer to that one.

  11. alexeyhurricane says:

    woah , how quickly you jump everywhere !!!
    1) where did i say that Torah saved anyone? or tried to imply it?? i dont know what you implying until (matt 23) and until EVER
    2) i dont see any division made as you do where is moral , civil , ceremonial where G-d declared it???
    i only see that some commandments only can be carried out when there is Temple, by Levites , in the Land of Israel and so on, and by strangers in the land and few more !!!

    thats why i sayed i dont see similarity with his explanation and apostles!!

    • D.G says:

      – You continually stress the reading of the Torah. So, yes you indeed imply it.

      – The Old testament laws are split into 3 categories: Civil, Ceremonial and Moral. I’ll try to keep it simple: Read Leviticus.
      Civil Law – Dealt with justice, robbery, extortion etc
      Ceremonal Law.- Dealt with.Regulation of priestly duties, food laws such as pork and shellfish. Festivals, Sacrifices etc
      Moral Law – Laws based on God’s character eg Do not kill, do not steal, do not commit idolitary etc.
      The Civil Law expired with the demise of the Jewsh Government
      The Ceremonial law expired with the fullfillment of Christ work as both perfect high priest and perfect sacrifice.
      The Moral Law did NOT expire because its based on God character.

      If you dont understand this seperation then you dont understand judaism or christianity fully.

      You still didnt answer my question: Was there any one.thing in Steve Lawsons presentation of the Gospel that was NOT true theologically/biblically?

      Yes, we should use the OT when evangelizing the jews, absolutely we should. But theres no hope of salvation if we dont highlight the gospel in the New Testament. And that applies to jew as well as gentile. ‘
      Salvation is found in noone else for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we can be saved.’ (Acts 4:12)

  12. alexeyhurricane says:

    “”- You continually stress the reading of the Torah. So, yes you indeed imply it.””
    it doesnt make sense if i say that they read the Bible and had some knowledge of wonders and deeds that G-d done to Abraham and Israel(and the promises that L-rd promised) does it mean im saying i or you get saved by the Bible??? how do you get to such conclusion!!! it is nonsense.
    if you stress reading the Bible , does it mean Bible gets you saved??? big fake assumption , i implying that apostles stressed on the Torah and prophets to confirm their message!!!

    “”The Ceremonial law expired with the fullfillment of Christ work as both perfect high priest and perfect sacrifice.”” that is a not true , why did Paul and others still offered sacrifices in the Temple and you need to read Zechariah 14 and other prophecies where gentiles come and offer sacrifices in the Temple , there is no such division in the Bible as you offer (moral , ceremonial, civil ) if i dont understand it show me this in the Bible!!! please
    i think only useful words you said and i fully agree is in the last paragraph!
    more later

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