You do not want a Winnie Mandela necklace.

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5 Responses to You do not want a Winnie Mandela necklace.

  1. Jessica Jarman says:

    Wow, that is so sad, man I would rather receive justis here on earth then to have to stand in front of God, and answer for those crimes. God says that the human heart is wicked, who can know it. And seeing this proves it. Some people live as if God is not, real thinking they got away with it.

  2. Eric Graef says:

    This certainly is tragic, that such a man/woman/movement is so revered in today’s world and yet so many people have no idea concerning the history. I have not seen any of the movies, so I can’t comment on whether or not they were accurate portrayals of both the positive and negative. I do realize that they were most likely praised because of their anti-apartheid stance but that certainly did not justify their reactionary measures of terror. This is where I think you may have lost some people in the video. Not taking anything away from what was mentioned in your clip (which I think was excellent!) it would have been beneficial to explain what they were against (apartheid) BUT then go on to explain that it in no way justifies their actions, but rather shows the hypocrisy of their response.

    While I know this is not the case, many will take what was said in the video to be an automatic acceptance of the apartheid. By pointing out the wrong of one side (which they were clearly wrong) and not mentioning the wrong that was done to them (which was also clearly wrong) it gives the appearance that you are somehow “siding” with the latter. Again, I know this is not the case, but it almost does one a disservice NOT to go out of your way to paint the clearest picture. If this would have been done, more people could be educated and also biblically informed that one’s responses to evil can be just as evil as that done to them.

    This whole thing, while chock full of truth that needs to be heard, almost feels like a shrewd straw-man that neglects to shed light on the “why” behind what they did. Again, it does not justify what they did, because it is just as wrong as the apartheid that was in place… but it does at least put all things into perspective and show that we are all guilty sinners at heart and in need of redemption.

    Just to pose another question: this whole thing could call into question the justification of war and violence in general. Would there have been a just way to retaliate and go to war/fight against the oppression they faced? What makes it just for the U.S. to go to war in other cases? Certainly, even within a just war, many unjust acts of violence can take place. Have videos exposing truth of Americans committing unjust acts ever been made by Wretched? (not saying btw that one has to cover every single case and situation to be “fair”)

    Thanks again for all you guys do to shed light on things. I do know however, that we can always do a better job, so that our critics will have nothing in response. Anticipate the follow-up questions/objections, and then answer them before they even have a chance to ask.

    Either way, I’m glad to know that the power of the gospel to save sinners is still the greatest weapon to defeat enemies. Only weapon I know of that turns enemies into family and brings dead things to life.

  3. Andrew says:

    Can someone please tell me what any of this anti-Mandella video has to do with SPREADING THE GOSPEL?

    • Eric Graef says:

      Perhaps it is intended to be a discernment piece to help believers be more informed. The Christian’s lifestyle should be blameless and above reproach, and being sympathetic to, or even advocating certain things may hinder the witness and spread of the gospel… just a possibility. On a side note, was there something that gave you the impression that every segment and clip was specifically about spreading the gospel? Just curious.

  4. Racism Christian Victim says:

    I pray women in families from Hammond and your (daughters, sisters, cousins, etc.), find BLACK Brethren in Christ as husbands, in order to test if you are racist or no.
    It`s O.K. Mandela was communist,atheist, etc. but him was right in destroying beastly apartheid.
    If every conservative christian in south africa and in u.s.a. was supportive from it, it was necessary to an atheist to emerges as the man that put a solution to this cruel situation.
    That was identical to deep south in u.s.a., NOBODY in reformed churches ever marched for civil rights to blacks. And just a liberal- ecumenical- unitarian – pelagian MLK did stand against segregation.
    If nobody theologically correct jump to front to fight unjustices, Our Triune God will uses anybody Him pleases to doing exactly that very needed work.
    Nobody in reformed circles ever has said absolutely nothing on Batista,Mobutu,Pinochet, Stroessner, Contras Terrorists, Falklands Islands robbed to Argentina, Canal robbed to Panama, Militias, Racist Minute Men, abuses from Oil Corp., sweatshops maquilas, racist “free trade” agreements forced down to poor peoples in third world, IMF and World Bank schemes,etc.
    Everything it endorsed by republican senators and representatives that are members from calvinistic churches.
    When that corrupted institutions cease to exist and join to apartheid and that dictators in the hell and in the oblivion, you reformed will makes videos denouncing to people that struggled to liberate people from slavery imposed by that criminal groups.
    While, Phil Johnson and McArthur offensively uses books written by slaves’ trader Robert Dabney in their bible’s teachings and demand to black students to read that garbage.
    Peter Hammond is a liar, no on Mandela, but because him falsely claims to stand against racism, but him led very racist front group Gospel Defence League that defends apartheid even today.
    He has published many materials praising apartheid.
    His “ministry” forbides racially mixed marriages, and forbides to black christians related to them, to express themselves in their own culture.
    Where was you hypocrite Todd Friel, when identical atrocities was comitted by barbaric dictators endorsed by Republican Party, including that icon from every reformed pastor Saint Ronald Reagan and Saint Jesse Helms, that make everything possible in order to impede the fall from monster Pinochet, even although some many more conservative, christian and capitalist alternatives there existed, just because Saint Reagan and Saint Helms as racist teonomists they was, did stand behind a genocider leader that enjoyed to exterminate native people?.
    Where are you when military from U.S.A. violate civil rights from people abroad, with full support from reformed and conservative republican groups?.
    Where was you during old days in America’s Military School in Panama?.
    Where was you during Bhopal and other unhuman crimes made by saddistic American Corporations?.
    When you american reformed ever will stop to mix your political and economic interests with Holy Gospel?.
    I challenge you to interview Reformed Pastors from third world, who can talk you on open collaboration from your loved republican ambassadors and politicians from Reagan/Bush administrations with brutal persecution against local Evangelicals by right wing dictators .

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