Is Nelson Mandela a role model or criminal?

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7 Responses to Is Nelson Mandela a role model or criminal?

  1. sage_brush says:

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    Do not for a minute believe that Clint Eastwood is a conservative. His “Invictus” film is dangerous, revisionist history.

  2. Jamie M says:

    Wow I never knew any of this!

  3. spookchristian says:

    as far as I know, nelson Mandela is a criminal….he was caught trying to blow up a train or something…
    As far as I know he was ANC and would perhaps have been involved in some of their less pleasant activities,,, involving tyres and petrol etc…
    to say nothing of Mrs mandela, Winnie….and her little football team.

  4. spookchristian says:

    ive never actually heard him mention jesus Christ once,..??

  5. James Jonas says:

    When I first heard of Nelson Mandela, it was from a white farmer who had first hand knowledge of this man’s brutality and crimes deserving death.

  6. Joseph says:

    What about all the reports that he is a Christian? Was this true? Even though confession does not make one a Christian…

  7. Racism Christian Victim says:

    When ANC included nationalizations in their platform, while racist brutal Apartheid tyranny, a creation from calvinistic theologians Abraham Kuyper and Daniel Francois Malan, who was based in very marked racist bias in original Protestant Reformation, including Saint John Calvin Himself (capital H is intentionally used here), guaranteed acces to diamonds and gold, to American Corporations, Republican Party (Saint Reagan, Saint Helms, Falwell, Nordquist, Jeff Lake, etc.) strongly did stand for them, including every reformed pastor in U.S.A.
    But when Mandela changed his mind, by advice from Kissinger, and renounced to nationalizations, and did stand against demanding indemnizations from Corporations that profiteered from Apartheid, even repudiating publicly to black victims from Sharpeville Massacre at the hands from cruel abuser South Africabn Security Services, whose personnel was entirely conservative devout members from Dutch Reformed Churches
    -so much for Reformation in Africa, ha!-, by trying doing just that, with the help from some lawyers in U.S.A.
    Everything changed, republican party leaders just find apartheid to be wrong and statist, while Mandela was now a good leader.
    And reformed pastors changed their minds, with Michael Horton criticizing to Falwell, by bashing to Tutu, another fictitious leader created by Corporations, who was identically against Sharpeville victims, getting indemnizations through lawsuits in American Courts.
    And white boere afrikaaner got abandoned and treasoned.
    Reformed churches in u.s.a. are just republican party praying, and republican/democrat/libertarian/green parties are just greedy Corps. ruling or making just theatrical alternatives to ruling elite.
    Conservative just mean Industrial-Agricultural-Miners-Oil Corporations.
    Who by reason from preserve social cohesion, must to endorse some restrictions on behavior from another people-never on themselves or their own families- and so appear to be “christians” or “decent”. And gullible christians as you and Hammond endorse these criminal greedy abusers, with the delusional idea that “republicans some day will forbide homosexuality, abortion and drugs”.
    Right wing is no in any way Christianity in politics or Law of God made Economics and politics, as falsely claimed by reformed pastors and leaders as you.
    Liberal just mean Media-Entertainment Corporations,etc.
    Nobody stand for working people.
    Both from these parties, and every other else, including anarchists, KKK, communists and nazis, are just sock puppets from Corporate Elite.
    Thanks to God, no every reformed believes in your reaganite republican propaganda.
    I pray many marriages from women in your family happen with eskimo, black and native christian men .

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