Russell Crowe’s Noah. Uh oh.

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16 Responses to Russell Crowe’s Noah. Uh oh.

  1. Susan Smith says:

    How do I say this without being snarky??? So the movie lines are what informs his idea of Noah….interesting. Wouldn’t he be surprised if he read the Word of God to find out the truth.

    • lavette says:

      exactly. People could have been saved. They laughed at Noah. Idiots!
      just like people today, scoff at the word of God. smh

  2. Will Pope says:

    I completely agree that he is wrong and I hope with all my heart that he reads the Bible and learns the truth, but in the mean time can we not make fun of his singing or laugh at his misunderstanding? Can we pray for him? And complete the Christian’s job of sharing the gospel? I’m just saying… I’d rather show him love than shun him for ignorance.

  3. Joshua says:

    pray for Russell Crowe. he needs JESUS

  4. LEXINGTON says:

    it’s typical. better get used to it. Rumor and secret hate for truth is snowballing. I expect the enemy to coerce many more deviations in amny more movies as the days progress. WE HAVE READ THE SCRIPT, we all =K N O W= so,,, do what you can to open blind eyes.

  5. shame on you fundies says:

    you call yourselves Christians and yet you are all so hateful and judgmental! Judging the movie before it even comes out? How about watch the movie first and make your own assessment. Right.. you already made up your mind. Typical narrow-minded Jesus freaks. I pity you!

  6. Farseer says:

    *lol* when someone acts hateful and judgmental to accuse their preferred straw-men from (allegedly) being hateful and judgmental is always funny… Did you get an F on your Logic 101 class? 🙂

    People here are judging based on Russel Crowe’s comments, not out of thin air. Ah, America, where expressing strong opinions about anything and using critical thinking is now being “hateful and judgmental.” Grow up, please 🙂

  7. roland says:


  8. says:

    Don’t be so angry dude, you can still get your point across. Its just a movie. And the Bible is just a story.

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  11. Jesus says:

    The bible is a children’s book the fact that people believe that a man or a group of people rounded up every animal in the world to save them from a flood then some how keep them all alive with the food they need and water until land was found is nothing but a joke. People need to learn real history facts and realize mr crow could say or do anything in this movie because the reality is ‘ it didn’t happen’ because it’s impossible!!! Rant over

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