Ray Comfort responds to atheist accusations.

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8 Responses to Ray Comfort responds to atheist accusations.

  1. Francois Lankus says:

    I listen to you on the internet. I love your show. I would really suggest you get a theological degree from Liberty University or John MacArthur’s school. Todd you are great, but shockingly theologically ignorant. For example, your recent discussion of supralapsarianism, etc. was so ridiculously wrong that I felt sorry for you. Thanks for listening.

    • Christian Sanchez says:

      Hi Francois! Please explain how it would be a better understanding of it. I think Todd isn’t an authority in knowledge of everything but your post is only saying your disagreement (by the way, in a kind of an impolite way), and useless for the rest of us…

    • David Gowers says:

      Francois, Todd did study at seminary. He has done more to fire people up about theology than anyone i know, and he does it in a way thats clear, unpretentious, relevant and refreshing. Dont know exactly why you should feel sorry for him, or was that just sarcasm? Todd’s a fantastic and effective witness. If you have a deeper, clearer grasp of theology then please share it with us as frankly no one has heard of you thus far. Being a sofa-bound theologian like yourself has no real merit and benefits nobody in the Body of Christ. More of Todd and less of Francois please.

    • Amy Unruh says:

      Perhaps you can enlighten us with the truth, then?

  2. Truth2Freedom says:

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  3. Jonathan says:


    Keep up the good work. Your shows lately have been a blessing to me regardless of whether or not you demonstrated a full understanding of every nuance of a certain definition of a word that is not found in any Bible.


    A superior understanding of certain theological terms is not demonstrated by voicing concern for another man’s perceived lack of education.

    If one disagrees with the presentation of certain theological terminology, patiently representing that disagreement will go much further in demonstrating true brotherly love and humility which Christ exemplified as he compassionately corrected the disciples when they lacked understanding.

    (Hebrews 5)

    In Christ,

  4. Don Miller says:

    Ray Comfort, you truly are a mighty Warrior for God. Every answer you gave in this short clip was true and to the point. The evolutionists have NEVER had a leg to stand on in their secular postulations. Every evolutionist hangs on desperately to his “faith” in secular man for one reason and one reason only: he refuses to bend his knee to our Creator God who loves us so much, he has provided a way for fallen man to be redeemed to Him. That way, the only Way, is through the shed blood (a blood sacrifice) of His only begotten Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. My prayer is that these secular educated men and women may have their eyes opened by the Holy Spirit and see the Truth of what you are teaching them, Ray, for Jesus said: “I am the way, the truth, and the Life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” (John 14:6 KJV).

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