What Bible is Glenn Beck reading?

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10 Responses to What Bible is Glenn Beck reading?

  1. Lorena. says:

    Well, he is Mormón and they preach a anathema gospel.

  2. Dan says:

    He is just s bad as William Tapley

  3. Paul says:

    He’s Mormon, so I expect him to get it wrong. My question is, why is Kirk Cameron working with him? (its a fair question).

  4. rueben says:

    Thank you for speaking on Glenn Beck. Its unfortunate how influential he is in evangelical church. I really don’t understand why Kirk Cameron hosted his show or why so many evangelicals flock to him. There’s a way to get politically involved but I don’t think Christians should hold hands with Beck because he has an agenda (namely promoting LDS).

  5. sage_brush says:

    As Mormon, Mr. Beck also believes that the United States is the New Israel, and that Jesus Christ is not returning to Jerusalem, but to Missouri. I have heard him on more than one occasion (with tears in his eyes) say that the Constitution is Scripture and equivalent to the Bible in its divine origin. The hidden meanings in our National symbols are occult – not Christian. Mormonism is 100% occult.

  6. Truth2Freedom says:

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  7. heidi says:

    I think glen is referring to the Mormon prophet and his 12 apostles as the future stars or rulers of their new america , joseph smith church they believe is the stick of israel. mormons believe america and mormons are the true chosen and jews are gentiles and america is the new zion

  8. Roger Hemond says:

    Many of the founders were Hermetic Occult philosophers and most of our nation’s symbols and institutional imagery are of that system, evident on its face. Beck is a liar and a Mormon which is also of Hermetic Occult origin.

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