Are you lacking Christian assurance?

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7 Responses to Are you lacking Christian assurance?

  1. raymond says:

    Now that is what you called sound doctrine! Thanks Todd!

  2. Truth2Freedom says:

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  3. melissag71 says:

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    This is a message I wish ever Mormon would hear in their sacrament meetings, but I know they never will. Instead they’re told to do, do and do all to achieve their own righteousness. They have little to no concept of the real gospel of Jesus Christ and what it means to be saved by grace after nothing you do.

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  5. Pio says:

    As a Catholic, and former Reformed Protestant, I always find the issue of assurance from a Protestant interesting especially in light of the passages in Scripture which speak about falling away from grace to people who have been united to Christ. If you would like to discuss this from a Catholic perspective visit and shoot me an e-mail.

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