Police shut down beach preacher.

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4 Responses to Police shut down beach preacher.

  1. Thanks for posting and keep up the good work with stories like this. I had no idea this occurred. Also, a short 90 some miles from me.

  2. TCROOM says:

    I question whether we heard the full story, it sounded like someone had been using a bull horn previously (not on tape). If I am at the beach I am usually looking for peace and quiet and yes I would object to having to listen to the bull horn, preaching their version of the gospel, whatever it is. I am not so sure the policeman was not right. We have freedom of speech and religion. But not knowing what was being said and how they were saying it, make me wonder if they weren’t disturbing those who just came to the beach to relax. People have this misunderstanding that they have the right to disturb religious cerimonies of others, or just do what they please in the name of religion. I suspect more that what the video footage shows was going on. No we do not have the right to impeed on others rights for peace and quiet.

  3. He should have arrested the religious fanatic for disturbing the peace. I want to thank Roger Patterson, the adult who failed an 8th grade science quiz, for turning me on to this “Wretched” page. The name is very appropriate!

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