Paul Washer How to KNOW you are a Christian.

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5 Responses to Paul Washer How to KNOW you are a Christian.

  1. Saint Douglas says:

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    Some important information!

  2. Dennis says:

    This clip does not seem to work on my iphone or on firefox for the Mac running OSX 10.8. Works on Chrome though..!

  3. works for me on my firefox, Mac, OSX 10.8.4

  4. Timothy says:

    Ever since Paul’s “Shocking Video” I have really had to think hard. Paul’s teachings scares the life out of me, and it should with all of us. I am terrible to GOD even in my best hour, none of us are deserving of Heaven. Thank GOD for Jesus, or GOD turning into a man to die for all the sins of man. GOD is perfect and that means he will have to be a perfect judge. A good judge punishes those who do wrong, and a bad judge lets things slide or be haggled. We will be judged by a perfect judge and it scares me really bad. People say “believe in Jesus and your sins will be overlooked”, I do not buy this concept. To a point he might, but not continuous sin that we keep doing over and over with no true sorrow. Sometimes I have no sorrow to give for my sins. This might be from anger or want, and all I can do is try to keep slowing down the sins. Then there is times when I can not stop crying for who I am, it is a roller coaster. I feel evil and dirty, I have no answers, there are none. We all fall short of the glory of GOD, but how short do you have to fall before you are written out of the book of life??????

    • isaac says:

      Timothy, i can’t speak to your exact experience, but when you quoted “believe in Jesus and your sins will be overlooked”, you are missing a/the central point of the Gospel. Jesus was murdered for your sins. God has not overlooked anything.

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