Women behaving like men.

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6 Responses to Women behaving like men.

  1. Sexual equality. Isnt that what we strive for>

  2. Carol says:

    But wait until they get pregnant and if they choose to keep the child they go after the guy for 18 years of money. Then the game is changed. Guys watch out! No greater manipulation has a women who says it’s free sex.

  3. James Redmond says:

    Sex, out side of marriage is sin against our own bodies. Paul says we are the temple of God. In doing this we defile that temple, which would be the same as sacrificing a pig on God’s alter. Sex is an easy temptation for Satan, we willingly yield to it, and follow him to damnation.

  4. Ed says:

    I guess they will not believe in hell until they get there , and then it will be too late. There is no exit out .
    The only rescue is now while we have breath . The answer ? ” Repentance toward God and faith toward The LORD Jesus Christ ” ( Acts 20:21 )KJB

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