Lady GaGa vs. Roseanne

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2 Responses to Lady GaGa vs. Roseanne

  1. Mabel Jacome says:

    They were both for the mission to disrepute, to smear the values of this nation. By these acts, they accomplish a couple of things; they humiliate the country’s reputation and honor and they divide the nation between those who it empowers (in Roseanne’s case, people who don’t respect what America stands for, trashy people and in Gaga’s case, the growing homosexual community), those who are against it and those who are “tolerant” with everything!!! Divide and conquer!

  2. David says:

    Does one -have- to be MORE offensive? They were both indisputably offensive and wicked. Rosanne spat on the ground after croaking out her horrendous rendition, and Gaga is a clueless Madonna wanna-be, going for the Howard Stern “shock” value. Both portrayals were enacted by wicked women who, as a whole, are becoming more emboldened in their defiance toward God. Every woman that walks into an abortion clinic is just as guilty of murder as the one who performs the abortion, if not more so. These women freely bring their unborn babies to the sacrificial alter to be murdered. Abortion clinics would go out of business if not for their (seemingly endless) supply of murder-intending women. Deep down, women know that it is a LIFE. Both parties are guilty, not just the clinic or the abortionist.

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