Would gun laws have kept Jesus from being shot?

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2 Responses to Would gun laws have kept Jesus from being shot?

  1. norman says:

    Too many youth leaders spend the magority of their time teaching Christian values without first setting the foundation of Christian faith. By the time kids get out of Sunday School and into the Youth Group they should know the books of the Bible, be able to wittness, and the basic stories/principals of the Bible. Basically, they should be able to be used to wittness to and encourage new members of the youth group.

  2. thewhyman says:

    I wonder though in many cases it is a simple matter of the details about Jesus being missed because the focus of the question is actually about guns.

    Much like when the question is asked: ‘How many animals did Moses bring into the ark?’ Or asking someone what cows drink after getting them to spell ‘silk’ ten times.- It’s not that difficult to confuse the mind with this manner of mental misdirection- politicians, certain televangelists, militant ‘atheists’ and advertisers do this daily.

    -That is not to say that among them there were a few who were genuinely ignorant- but I’m not going to speculate based in this video alone.

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