Why Planned Parenthood still exists.

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One Response to Why Planned Parenthood still exists.

  1. Justin Schultz says:

    It’s permitted because people keep voting for the “lesser of the two evils” then turn around and say we voted for them because they’re better than the other guy but not for the abortion. It’s permitted because people keep voting for the “lesser of two evils” then turn around and say voting has nothing to do with the Gospel or the Bible. It’s permitted because certain church leaders panic and advocate for people to vote for the “lesser” (or “Do not not vote” by mentioning the “lesser” with a slight caveat then bash the “more evil” and not mentioning other options reducing it to voting for the “lesser”), then blame it on Fox News for deceiving people. All along the people that are voted in, the “lesser”, vote for funding with your tax dollars to murder. Hence, the previous decade when the “lesser” was the head of all government offices.

    Why must it be through the Federal government that abortion should be eliminated? For one, with the OPA (Office of Population Affairs), the practice will not be outlawed any time soon. The OPA is like an internal government lobby for the practice, funding Planned Parenthood. Check out South Dakota. It recently passed the strictest laws in the land against abortion, but nobody seems to mention it (though not sure how the continued fight is). It’s as if this whole thing is a contribution to being dependent on the state (federal specifically) to do things for us. Yes, we want the government to see abortion as murder, but it just seems as if they’re using this issue to contrive support for the federal state. In the end, you still have abortion and dependency on federal state intact.

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